Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

Advent brings rain instead of snow

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2012 nears its end...december already. But judging from the weather one could as well believe we are just facing autumn's first days. No silently trickeling snowflakes or frostiness around. Instead, rain is falling from the gray clouds crowding the sky and if it was only a little warmer, you could leave the house without a coat or jacket (I only put mine off for the photos, however).

As my best friend's husband celebrated his birthday this evening in form of a quite sit-in 'party', I chose to wear a casual but not too understated outfit. Main part of it was a pullover I recently bought secondhand on ebay as "a dress". Although I doubt it is wearable without an additonal skirt or trousers, with the many little white knobs stiched on the black fabric it has managed to become one of my favourite piece during the few days I own it. As for the birthday 'party' today I also was in the mood to give my overknee socks a comeback.

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