Montag, 24. September 2012

In a vintage mood

And here it is: finally a sign of me still being out there and keeping my blog in mind (just let me get away with the optimistic assumption that someone actually cares :-P...). I'm not yet done with my flat: many of my possessions are still stored in the cellar, slowly becoming forgotten. I long for the moment, when they will finally see the daylight again - because that'll mean I have managed to do something else than job-work and postponing job-work.

Currently, I at least use some of my short breaks for getting rid of clothes only stealing space in my shelves (be it shelves in the cellar or shelves in my room) because, for various reasons, I never wear them. Most of them are in good condition and quite beautiful, though, so I hope they will find happy new owners via ebay, who owe them the attention they deserve. And who help me mend the constant whole in my pocket...

The photos in this entry are a result of this idea. They show me in a dress that I sold last week. At first, I only intended to take some pictures for the auction but while slipping into the dress I suddenly became bent on wearing it 'for real' one last time. So I styled my hair and my make up in a kind of vintage way I had always associated with that dress and took it out to our last collective date - not before taking the photos for ebay, of course...

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