Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Summer Walk

Shoes: Graceland
Bag: a present
Scarf: Orsay
Sweater: Orsay

On these rare days when summer is not letting us down completely, I try to spend as much time as possible outside. In contrast to many of my friends I just can't bear wasting hours full of sunshine and warmth and LIFE in front of the TV or the PC or on my sofa. Consequently, extensive solitary walks have been one of my favourite summer-activities ever since my last years of school (so for quite a while now!). Meanwhile, it's only seldomly that I find myself longing for some company to share the experiences and the impressions of these walks. Most of the time I don't mind being alone on my way to nowhere in particular. Not only have I become accustomed to it over the years but I have actually learned to enjoy the rather lonesome quality of these short escapes from my usual social environment.They are perfect occasions to try out different functions of my cam unhurriedly as well. Yeah, sometimes I'm a bit of a loner indeed. But today, with this post, I let you be a guest, at least, to parts of my last summer-walk.

I was wearing a dress I bought on sale recently combined with a scarf that was originally meant to be a birthday present for a friend (- but I fell in love with it and kept it for myself -), a long cardigan, comfortable open shoes and a bag big enough to hold an umbrella - just in case, the weather'd change its mind.

Chances are good that, during the season, this will become one of my long-term favourite outfits for everyday, because it's just so comfortable, casual and simple without being too boring. If you also like this look, you might want to hype it on, an online fashion community. I've been posting looks there for a while now - with quite poor results, though XD...

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